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Sex Therapist
CAYA - Come As You Are

Greg Dawson II is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing sex therapy for people needing guidance, support and interventions used to increase the quality of their sexual experience or to maintain a satisfactory level. He is a clinician with eleven years of experience in a range of Social Work services consisting of mental health, sexual health, Medical Social Work in the ER and Med Surge, Behavior interventionist for K-12 and the Team Leader for a Mental Health Psych hospital.

He was a school counselor for children with at-risk behavior. He provided in-home therapy for families and children also considered at-risk for being displaced from their homes. He’s worked in group homes where he provided intervention for kids with anger issues and a lack of social skills. He is also a case manager for Veterans (combat and non-combat) providing brief crisis counseling, MH services and sexual therapy for those in need. 

Greg arrived in the city of Dallas, TX by way of Shreveport, LA and Pensacola, FL. He grew up as a military brat as both of his parents served in the Air Force. This afforded him opportunities to see various parts of the world which built the foundation for CAYA by broadening his world view.